How does Vin Cartel born?

Vin Cartel began when a group of wine lovers, who are CEO in
various industries came together and decided that Kuala Lumpur
needed more than a “typical” wine lounge from among many of
existing wine-focused restaurants and bars that happen to serve
good wine. With all means to have a common yet private area for
business conversation as well as gathering with friends and
families, combining the inputs from various needs from different
lifestyle, they created Vin Cartel.

Vin Cartel secret of success: Comfort is de rigueur, be it in
ambience or service. From exotic settings to exquisite business
dinner and excellent table service to exclusive wine learning
experience, there’s something here for everyone.

"We wanted to open a place that was not only a great spot to wine and dine, but one that had a fun neighbourhood vibe with friendly and knowledgeable staff and high-quality food and drinks. Most importantly, this is a wine lounge with certain level of privacy of business discussion and fellowship conversation."


Goals & Vision


  1. Deliver wide range of genuine and supreme quality wine to our valued customers
  2. Remain committed to be an innovator in wine and dine industry offering 3E ambience to inspire memorable dining experience and business collaboration.
  3. Deliver utmost superior customer service experience with great passion.
  4. Empower our team members with skills and wine knowledge through training and development programs.



Vin Cartel Management Team

Come & Experiences one of The Best Wine Lounge For Business Networking in Town



Our Core Value


Our Shareholders

We would remain conscious of our responsibilities towards Vin Cartel shareholders and shall conduct the company operations prudently to maximize profitability while sustaining organizational growth for adequate long term investment returns.


Our Products

Vin Cartel wine and food shall continue to remain as genuine quality, where our alliance with suppliers shall be based on clear expectation and mutual trust.


Our Customer

Vin Cartel customer experience shall be of great excellence with 3E ambience, fun neighbourhood vibe with friendly and knowledgeable staff, and high quality food and wine.


 Our Ambience

Vin Cartel shall be the most innovative company to continue to inspire memorable dining experience and build powerful business connection through 3E ambience.


 Our People

We would continue to acknowledge the significant role out team members play in company success through respecting their rights, recognizing their contribution through tangible appreciation, and providing continuous learning opportunities for the team to grow and to work for the ultimate benefit of the organization.